Streaming Downloads

Here's how to encode video clips to create what's called a Streaming Download. It's not the same as Streaming Video.... what it means is that viewers can watch as the clip loads, so no sitting there staring at a blank white box for half an hour. Don't be intimidated, it's really not hard. You can do it using nothing but your Mac's standard iMovie editing software. Sorry PC people, I got nothing for ya! Read about it


The humble webcam:

Webcams are inexpensive and work very well for stopmotion. You won't get High Def results, but hey, who needs 'em? It's a perfect way to get in your practice while you're researching (and saving your pennies) for a 'real' camera. This is the Unibrain Fire-i, the one I use. Click here or on the picture to read more details.

Camera movement system

Not sure exactly what these are called... it's somewhere between a dolly and motion control. This is my (relatively) cheap and easy alternative method. Read about it

Miniature rigging I discovered something really cool recently while I was playing around with some surface guages.... these things are perfect little ready-made rigging systems! Need to fly a puppet across the set, or maybe a ball or a spear somebody just threw? Just want to support something that won't stand on its own? Here is your answer. And forget the outrageous prices you'd pay for Climpex™! Just link together a few of these very inexpensive surface guages from Enco. Check it out.

The perfect camera??

It just might be! Check it out, or click on the picture.

How to make a simple puppet
Here are my techniques for fabricating a fairly simple puppet. It doesn't have to be foam latex!!!

Foley and sound effects
My setup for recording and creating sound effects

Playing with light and color
How to create striking visual effects for your movies. A little money, a few par cans and some colored plastic, and your films can start to look spectacular.

My lighting setup

Here is what's hanging over my head when I animate. Don't you want something like this hanging over your head too?

Ball drilling jig

Here's a special ball drilling jig you can use to drill out perfectly centered ball bearings... quickly and easily. It just got a lot easier to make your own armatures!

Running Rig Tutorial

How to make puppets run without needing to erase wires digitally? Check my Running Rig Tutorial.